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Nature has a way of teaching us more about who we are. When we head out into the wilderness and break away from the confinements of our everyday lives whether it be constant technology, busy highways, or just daily chores, we can begin to decompress and notice the things that really matter in life.

At Covey Rise Lodge, it is our goal to build an experience like this for everyone that comes through our doors.

Ultimate Outdoor Getaway with the Luxuries of Home

Not everyone who spends time outdoors wants the rugged experience of sleeping in tents and eating food cooked on a camp stove. At Covey Rise, you can have the best of both worlds- luxury accommodations as well as outdoor activities. When you stay with us whether it be for a corporate retreat or a family getaway, you have access to a range of things to do in our beautiful 400 acre rural setting.

While Covey Rise made its name as a place for quail hunting and sport shooting, we have strived to build our facilities to be an all-encompassing venue for people to connect with nature while also connecting with each other. This mission extends to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Louisiana Hunting Lodge Covey Rise

Louisiana's Premier Gun Club

When it comes to sport shooting facilities, no place on the Gulf Coast comes close to Covey Rise Lodge. Our state of the art shooting facilities include skeet, 5-stand and sporting clays. We are able to accommodate beginners who have never shot before right on down to the most seasoned of professionals.

Shooting can be an extremely challenging and very rewarding activity and is perfect for families to try their hand together and as a team building exercise centered around friendly competition.

Our 5-stand is used by our hunting guests to “warm up” before a hunt and is also used by participants using our meeting facilities for activities between scheduled events.

Our skeet and sporting clays courses are also available for those who want to further test their skills and we offer memberships and lessons as part of our Gun Club.


Louisiana Hunting Cabins Covey Rise

Covey Rise Youth Group Camps

In the early 1980s, Edward O. Wilson, a biologist at Harvard University, proposed a theory that he called biophilia. His proposition was that humans have an instinct that drives them towards their natural surroundings. In this day and age, parents might question Wilson’s theory as they see their kids prefer to sit on a couch in front of a screen over spending time outdoors. In fact, the fear of our kids spending too much time indoors has become so prevalent that the crisis was give a name: Nature Deficit Disorder.

The goal of our Summer Youth Camps is to provide a solid foundation of skills that will result in a lifetime of enjoying outdoor sporting activities. We provide the facilities and professional instruction for basic hunting and camping skills in an environment that promotes not only education and safety, but fun as well and the platform which they might form lifelong relationships with the other children who attend.

We want to install in these children a love and respect for the outdoors that they can apply to their everyday life even when video games and cell phones are calling for their attention.

Covey Rise Wilderness Lodge

Non-Hunting Outdoor Retreats

We would encourage everyone that stays with us to try our sport shooting and hunting activities but we realize that not everyone will be drawn to that. For our overnight guests, we offer an assortment of non-hunting related activities such as fishing, hiking, cooking lessons, and a tour of Covey Rise Farm. These activities are available upon request, please call for details.

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Covey Rise Large Group Outings

Work or Play, Group Retreats Build Stronger Bonds

For corporate groups that use Covey Rise for either customer entertaining or company meetings, a combination of cabins and the Lodge is used to accommodate up to 45 guests with meals provided in the Lodge. This type of activity needs to be planned in advance and is priced according to the specifications of the corporate planner.

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